The photo from Shimoda side
The view from bus stop.
Turn to the left on this corner.  

Check #19 on Route 135  

Sign on Route 135
Map of Sakuraya and Shirahama for printing

*Nearest Bus Stop is "Resupo Shirahama" in Shirahama

On the way to Sakuraya

Go to the middle way.

Pension Sakuraya on the hill.
 < Shimoda Train Station >
The exit of Shimoda station Bus terminal No. 7 bus stop in front of Shimoda train station
The Exit "Arrival Gate" of Shimoda station, and Bus terminal - # 9 bus goes to Shirahama beach
Address: 2584-20 Shirahama, Shimoda city, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.
TEL 0558-23-4470    For GPS --  N  34 - 41 - 12.4  /  E  138 - 58 -  10.0
Reconfirmation for your reservation before check-in date. Mobile: Mr. Yamamoto