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Come and visit Guest house "Pension Sakuraya" A kids friendly accommodation

Please have a wonderful sightseeing in Shirahama beach / Shimoda !
This beach is one of the best beach resorts in japan for families

<View of Shirahama beach from top of the mountain --We can see Izu Oshima Island across the ocean.>


Happy New year !!  Sunrise and Shirahama Shrine
View from the mountain Blue Sea View from the mountain
Flowers of Aloe - We have no frost in the winter, so Aloe trees can bloom here.
Blue sea The clouds in the sky Beach in winter
Sunset of Shirahama Fullmoon on the ocean Flying Kite on the beach
A snowy heron is walking alone.

View from the mountain Silent !! Nobody is there. Snow in Shirahama
Snow in Izu Oshima Fishing ! "Itami" small port
Shirahama beach is good for marine sport, surfing, windsurfing or diving.
Silent beach Small ship goes on the sea. Blue Sky
Somebody is making dry fishes in the small port. These fishes are mackerel pike.

< View from Mihogasaki cape >

Sunrise and Oshima island
Playing on the beach Itami port View from the way to Sakuraya
Big wave !! Shirahama beach is good place for surfers. Small port in Shirahama
With love ! Silent beach in Shirahama Love!  Love!


Cherry blossom & Walking in the mountain
We can have a good and excellent time under the sunshine.
Shirahama Ohama Beach Shirahama Chuou Beach next to Shirahama Ohama Beach
Getting into the water A silent beach is for them.


Green leaves & Koinobori
Shirahama Ohama Beach Sunrise in Shirahama The back of Shirahama shrine
Love flower Very clear! What are they doing?
Running on the sand Touch the water! Succer on the beach
In May we can swim already in Shirahama beach. Do'nt forget swim wear.

< Shirahama Ohama Beach >
In the sunny day many people come to Shirahama to swim. It is very hot !
Students of primary school are making the art of sand. They forgot the bikini !
What is she looking ? View from the mountain Sky !!

In July many people come to Shirahama to feel the silent summer.
In the middle of July a lot of people come here to have a summer time.
During 2 months we have 400,000 people who come to Shirahama beach to get hot season.


Sunrise in Shirahama beach
Summer is the best season in Shirahama.
Please have a good summer time here!!
Lifesavers work in the beach everyday !
There is a surfin area in Shirahama Ohama beach during summer.

< Shirahama Ohama Beach - This beach is 800 meters>

Fine day ! Have fun in Shirahama beach ! No jellyfish in September.
We can swim until September !! The water is very very warm.
This beach is for only you !
View from "Ogasaki" Itado area in Shirahama - - Good spot for snorkeling
In September we have sometimes good wave in Shirahama.
Because we have typhoons in this season.

Shirahama ohama beach From the mountain Big wave in Shirahama
Surfin and Windsurfin

< Shirahama Chuou Beach next to Shirahama Ohama Beach>


Shirahama Beach Shirahama Beach Windsurfin in Shirahama
The flower of Aloe on the hill Shirahama Beach
A sunset of Shirahama.We can feel colors of pink or red in the sky.
Sunrise in Shirahama In the early morning Flowers of daffodil
Itado port Shirahama beach The back of Shirahama shrine
Aloe on the hill Shirahama beach Shirahama beach
A sunset of Shirahama


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