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Shirahama in Shimoda city has a long white sandy beach, and there are 2 beaches called "Shirahama Ohama" and "Shirahama Chuo".
Let's start to walk to get gorgeous scenery, wonderful nature and fresh air!!

This is a map for walking with photos.
You can click here or this map to get a printable map with photos.

From Izukyu-Shimoda station take #9 bus to get to Shirahama beach.
If you would like to walk from the train station it takes about 1 hour to Shirahama.

This is a photo of Shirahama Ohama Beach.

I took this photo from the top of mountain to show Shirahama Chuo Beach and Itado area.

This is my son, Yuuki.
He sometimes guides you our beautiful beach on this page!!

On the road #135 this is the 1st good view point for Shirahama beach after walking from the station.

I took these photos in winter on the road #135 and at the parking lot called "Miharashi Hiroba."

Parking lot "Miharashi-Hiroba" is free of charge except summer.
During summer this parking lot is closed.

You can find out Shirahama Ohama beach on the right side like this.
Let's go down to the beach!
There is a surf shop called "Shirahama Marina".

In summer!

In summer!!

There is a bus stop "Shirahama Kaigan" in front of surf shop.

I took the left photo on the top of mountain.

My son loves playing on the beach.

You can go to the right side of this beach and get on the rocks there.
But this area is closed in summer because of danger.

Be careful on the rocks!

Look at this!! These are sea anemones!!

I took these phtos in late afternoon.

We sometimes can see Izu Oshima island over the ocean.

Oshima island under the sun on the horizon

Playing succer on the beach

In summer

In summer!!

There is a Seven Eleven opened for 24 hours a day, and they have a Seven Bank ATM.

In summer some shops are opened.

There is a convenience store called "Family Mart" on the roadside.

My son Yuuki

In early morning

My children

There are two small rivers on this beach.
Go across the river.

Let's continue walking toward Shirahama shrine.

We arrived at the left part of Shirahama Ohama beach.
There is Shirahama shrine and there is a red gate called Torii in Japanese on the rock.

Red gate "Torii" on the rock

Torii and the pacific ocean

This is one of good points for taking photos with sunrise.

Let's get into Shirahama shrine.

Before getting into the field we have to wash our hands here, and we can pray.

This is my family.

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Walking behind Shirahama Shrine

Presented by Pension Sakuraya in Shirahama Beach

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